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Tips for Applying Vinyl Labels To ensure a successful application, cleanliness is key.

Begin with clean, dry hands and a clean, dry surface.

Here's how to apply the vinyl label:

Use a flat tool, like a credit card, to smooth out the label and eliminate any air bubbles between the vinyl and the transparent transfer tape. When removing the transfer tape from the paper, the vinyl should easily come off and attach to the transfer tape.

If you notice that the vinyl is not separating from the paper, use your finger or a flat tool to rub it again, ensuring it sticks to the transfer tape.

Slowly remove the backing paper, taking care to not tear the vinyl.

Once ready to apply, bend the vinyl label slightly in the middle and begin by attaching the middle section to the surface. Then, gently rub the vinyl from the middle to the sides, using the flat tool to remove any air bubbles and ensure the vinyl is securely attached to the surface. Remember, once the vinyl label is attached to the surface, it cannot be moved or changed.

Be sure to measure your surface and use a tape to create a straight line for precise application.

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